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Perdana Petroleum Berhad has been uncompromising in its Health, Safety and Environmental ("HSE") policy. Throughout the Group, particularly at its vessel operating subsidiaries Intra Oil Services Berhad ("IOS") and Perdana Marine Offshore Ltd ("PMO"), HSE matters always top the list of operational priorities. As an experienced outfit in offshore support vessels, we understand that HSE considerations are key to our industrial reputation and professional integrity.


Our operating companies IOS and PMO abide strictly by the guidelines on safety and environmental protection as set out by the International Safety Management (ISM) Code from the International Maritime Organization towards compliance of the following:

  1. 1.Safety at sea;
  2. 2.Prevention of human injury or loss of life; and
  3. 3.Prevention on damages to the environment (especially to the marine property and environment).

Competent IOS and PMO personnel at all levels, both ashore and on board the vessels, are fully committed to fulfilling the objectives of the Group's HSE policy, namely:

  1. 1.To provide for safe working environment and practices in vessel operation;
  2. 2.To assess all identified risk to its vessels, personnel and environment and establish appropriate     safeguards; and
  3. 3.To continuously improve safety management skills of shore and shipboard personnel, which include     preparing for emergencies related to health safety and the environment.


It is the HSE policy of our operating companies to maintain a safe and secure work environment against any risk or exposure to personal harm, property damage or adverse effects to the environment. As such, it is the duty and the responsibility of every personnel employed and engaged by our operating companies to exercise the "Stop Work Policy" whenever a human life, group asset or local environment is exposed to potential risks. The "Stop Work Policy" allows every staff the right to stop work whenever he or she feels that any activities being carried out could result in a potentially serious incident. The goal of the Group is to have zero fatality and zero lost time incidents.


IOS is committed to a safe, healthy and productive vessel for all crew. The Group recognises that alcohol, unprescribed controlled drugs, or other substance abuse by crew members will impair their ability to perform their work and will thus have serious adverse effects on the safety, efficiency, and productivity of the crew and the operating companies.